“Development of a portable device for continence preservation.”

"Development of a portable device for continence preservation."

Urinary incontinence (UI) is a global health problem affecting patients of all ages and sexes. It is believed that more than 60 million European citizens are affected by UI. Among the offered treatment options is biofeedback. It is done in a few specialized centers, and patients need to come to the center for treatment. Conti4All consortium aims to develop a portable device that could be allocated to the patient with pre-programmed exercise instruction. The patient could do the exercises at home, at the time of day of his/her convenience, while the prescribing physician could monitor the treatment. Conti4All device would also be an appropriate device for multiple members of a family (mother and child) as the Conti4all device uses disposable electrodes. Conti4All would develop numerous different programs for treating various forms of UI. It is an ambitious task as the numerous different voiding disorders require a specific treatment plan that some project participants have already tested.